Art Journaling - Live Remote Online -  Monday Evenings
Art Journaling - Live Remote Online -  Monday Evenings
Art Journaling - Live Remote Online -  Monday Evenings
Art Journaling - Live Remote Online -  Monday Evenings
Art Journaling - Live Remote Online -  Monday Evenings
Rachelle Eason

Art Journaling - Live Remote Online - Monday Evenings

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Be a Blooming Artist!

Art Journaling
Live ~ Remote ~ Online
Mondays 6-8 PM

Remote Live Classes that Inspire You to Bloom!

This is a continual adventure in journaling with art and words...fabulous for ones who have created with me before as well as new students. We'll dive deep into a variety of art techniques using watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. The art will be the "prewriting, reflective" stage to your journal writing in response to the weekly prompts.

  • 4 Live Remote Online Art Classes in my Zoom studio.
    • 2 hours each per month as part of group.
  • Flexible Evening Class each week, 6-8PM EST - Register for Mondays or Tuesdays, but choose which one to attend based on your personal life schedule that week!
  • An invitation to a private Facebook Group - Rachelle Eason's Blooming Artists - where Rachelle's students post and share pieces from class and from activities outside of class.
  • Monthly elements package, either digital or physical, for use in the month's classes (if and when needed for lessons).


This Live Remote Online class will take place in my Zoom studio! A link will be sent to you upon registration. This Zoom studio allows for each of you to be able to see and talk to each other and for me to teach live to you as if you were right in my studio. You will be able to show me your work, ask questions, and have a personalized experience within a group setting online.

 This is the best of both worlds...a studio class regardless of where you live! I am so excited!


(Multiple people participating at one location must each pay a participation fee.)


I feel very strongly that the Art Journaling experience is not about the art but about the journey. It is about unearthing a voice inside each individual and communicating through art. Through a variety of lessons, your intuition is coaxed to speak. The experience inspires authentic expression and reflection.

I have taught a version of this class for over twenty years! It is always fresh at it evolves with my growth and development as an artist and a person. Please join me in the journey and be inspired!


Materials Needed

Journal (See below for suggested style.)

Watercolors (See below for suggested brand.)

Watercolor Pencils (See below for suggested brand.)

Drawing Pencil & Eraser

White Acrylic Paint (small tube or bottle)

Ultra Fine Sharpie or Prismacolor Pen

Loose Sheets of Watercolor Paper or a 2nd Sketch Journal for Warm-Up Activities

White Paint Pen (optional)

Glue for paper (Liquid Elmer's works well.)

The techniques I teach in this class are suited to your favorite watercolor journals. If you do not have one, check out either the Strathmore Watercolor Journal (140lb Paper) or the Canson Watercolor Journal.

My favorite watercolors for journal art are by Prima Marketing. My favorite color collection of the Prima are Tropical and Odyssey and I also use The Classics.  You can find them on Amazon. They are moderately priced, last for quite a bit of creating, and have colors that coordinate with other sets if you wish to start a collection. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here... Prima Marketing Watercolor Set Odyssey Collection, Prima Marketing Watercolor Set Tropical Collection and the Prima Marketing Watercolor Set Classic Collection.

Classes will be held in Rachelle’s Zoom Studio online
Link will be sent to you upon registration.

We start classes promptly on time. Class Registrations are non-refundable.

Please email with any questions.

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