"Twilight Mermaid" Wall Decor
"Twilight Mermaid" Wall Decor
"Twilight Mermaid" Wall Decor
"Twilight Mermaid" Wall Decor
Rachelle Eason

"Twilight Mermaid" Wall Decor

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This piece is a one-of-a-kind original created by Rachelle Eason.

Size: 11" x 14"

Mixed Media:
plant-stained paper
acrylic paint
chalk paint

Twilight Mermaid

"Twilight Mermaid" is breathtaking! Inspired by the natural plant elements I use to create my plant-stained paper, "Twilight Mermaid" shows off beautiful floral and leaf stains. She is a mixed media piece featuring my plant-stained paper, mulberry paper, acrylic paint, and wool for her hair.

"Twilight Mermaid" is framed in a repurposed barnwood frame and is fitted with art wire for easy hanging. It is an 11x14" canvas and is approximately 13" x16" framed.

Plant-stained Paper...

I design each piece of specialty paper to create lovely color and pattern using fresh leaves, flowers, seeds, and other natural elements. Pressed and boiled for several hours, the papers emerge from the process stained with enchanting beauty...each piece unique.

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